I'm interested in a range of things in life and occasionally write about things that I've been thinking about or exploring.

Doing Good Things

25 July 2022 • 15 mins reading time

I've recently been reading Will MacAskill's book “Doing Good Better”. This book is about Effective Altruism (EA), which is a crossover between Philosophy, Science and Economics that focuses on finding the best ways we can do good. While I have been interested in the EA community for some time now, this book really opened my eyes and inspired me to do more.

Are we solving the wrong problems?

6 March 2022 • 21 mins reading time

In the modern world of NFTs and the Metaverse it's easy to think that we've solved most of the critical problems facing our world. But is our focus on these menial problems drawing our attention away from the wider global issues that we should be helping to address?


8 January 2022 • 15 mins reading time

Think of some times you were unhappy recently, for these moments, why were they not happy for you? You may think you could not have experienced these moments as happy moments, but I think with a little thought and perspective we can achieve that.

A thoughtful approach to New Year's Resolutions

4 January 2022 • 6 mins reading time

It's the time of year again where everyone sets overly ambitious goals that are doomed to make them unhappy. In the past few years I've moved away from coming up with any resolutions with the excuse of “I should've started it already if I cared about it that much”. That being said, I do think the end of each year is a great opportunity to reflect on your life and to be mindful of what you'd like to improve in.

Reflecting on a year of vegetarianism

22 December 2021 • 8 mins reading time

The only new year's resolution I made at the start of 2021 was to eat vegetarian for the month of January. Once January ended, I didn't feel like going back to eating meat. It's now been a year of eating vegetarian and I thought I'd reflect on the impact it's had on me.


10 December 2021 • 13 mins reading time

Dopamine is something I'm sure everyone has heard of. It frequently comes up in discussions around addiction and in particular, social media addiction. Dopamine is responsible for our levels of drive, motivation and movement. As such, it's often viewed as one of the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to our happiness and pleasure.