Hey, I'm Lewis


I'm a Senior Product Engineer based in London and I've been developing software products for over a decade.

I care about using my career to make a difference and I'm passionate about great products that solve important problems.

Currently, I'm working at ClimateAligned where we're building a AI platform to help investors and analysts make decisions faster and more accurate about potential sustainable investments.


I've worked professionally as a Software Engineer for over six years. During this period, I've worked across server, web, and mobile development, and am confident working at any level of the stack. My passion is in Product Engineering and solving important problems. I'm particularly interested in helping others grow and develop and enjoy leading and mentoring others.

ClimateAligned, 2023-Present

I'm currently working as a Senior Product Engineer at ClimateAligned, a startup focused on using the latest advancements in AI to transform and scale the sustainable finance industry. My focus is on building a transformative product that meets the needs of several different types of financial users. I am responsible for shaping and defining the engineering roadmap, balancing technical complexity against user requirements and business constraints.

Microsoft, 2021-2023

Prior to ClimateAligned I worked at Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer for two and a half years. I worked across several teams with a focus on mobile and web apps. As I became more senior, I spent more of my time outside of an IDE, instead focusing on technical writing and design thinking, project management, and mentoring others.

I ultimately left Microsoft to seek a new challenge and to use my skills towards tackling Climate Change.

Metaswitch, 2018-2021

My focus at Metaswitch was on building a complex VoIP app for Android. During this time, I delivered countless projects over the years, including migrating the codebase to Kotlin, adding support for Accessibility, replacing the legacy HTTP stack, and integrating VoIP features on top of the device's native phone calling.


I decided in 2022 that I needed to make a change to work on solving some of the big problems in the world. As a start, I chose to start a part-time Masters degree in Climate Change Policy at King's College London. I am in the final year this programme. My interests lie at the intersection of policy, finance, and technology, as I believe this is where the most signficant impact can be made.

I am also dedicating a lot of my spare time to understanding the development and capabilities of AI as it rapidly transforms our world. I built products with the GPT-4 APIs as soon as they became available and have recently been exploring the potential of local LLMs.


If you've got any interesting opportunities or simply wish to discuss anything on this website then drop me a note.

Contact me on LinkedIn or via email at lewis [at] lewisdeane [dot] com.